Outdoor Gas Grill

Now you can enjoy outdoor cooking at home with the ease and convenience of a gas grill. Traditionally, warmer weather draws many of us outdoors to grill up family meals. Many are finding, however, that outdoor cooking in colder weather can be enjoyable as well with a gas grill. Some of the many advantages of using a gas grill are; food grilled on a gas grill tends to taste pretty good; ease of use; cooking time is minimal; and they are versatile. Prior to making your purchase of an outdoor gas grill, please take a moment to browse our grill selection.

Solaire 56 Inch Infravection Gas Grill on Refrigerated Cart LP

Solaire 56 Inch Infravection Outdoor Gas Grill on Refrigerated Cart LP

Two direct fired ceramic, infra-red, gas burners produce 82,500 BTU of grilling power! This heats 1027 sq inches of total cooking area (with flavor enhancing all stainless steel v grate surface) Up to about 950 degrees (Gets as low as 343 degrees)! This grill is made from stainless steel - made to last! Lifetime warranty on the burners and all stainless! The integrated dual side burners are sealed brass burners producing 17,000 BTU on high 400 BTU (This is the lowest simmer on the market - even professional ranges cannot do this!) Simmer burners! Base features industrial refrigeration to keep your cold stuff cold!

Crown Verity TG-1 Trailer Mount Gas Grill

Crown Verity TG-1 Trailer Mount Outdoor Gas Grill

This is how the party gets rolling. This new tailgating grill fires up plenty of cooking area over six burners. Another design feature is insulated stainless steel wells for beverages or cold dishes. Just hitch the TG-1 onto the back of your truck or car for stainless steel durability that takes you cooking skills anywhere there is a road or trail. Crown verity grills are ETL sanitation listed. These grills have been certified to meet standards ANSI/NSF 4-1999 - commercial cooking, rethermalization, and powered hot food holding and transport equipment by Intertek Testing Services. Crown Vertiy grills have been certified to meet standards ANSI Z83.11a-1197*CGA-1.8aM97 by Incheape Testing Services.

TEC Sterling G-4000 Gas Grill Island LP (Black Finish)

TEC Sterling G-4000 Outdoor Gas Grill Island LP (Black Finish)

The TEC® sterling series can be surrounded with the style and versatility of our handcrafted ultimate outdoor island, which features a stainless steel countertop, stainless steel cabinet doors and interior shelves. Thousands of tiny flame ports heat the sterling® g-series ceramic burner to a glow, sending energy flowing upward. in a patented process, energy is absorbed by a layer of specially treated glass, becoming almost pure infra-red. Food is cooked by this even, direct energy—instead of by hot, dry air. Juices that fall to the glass surface are vaporized, returning flavor to the food. The result? Food is moist and flavorful. This is TEC's patented radiant glass infra-red cooking system. Remove a cooking grid and the g-series' glass surface becomes a cooktop, eliminating the need for a sideburner. Woodchips can be placed directly on the glass to add a wood-smoked flavor. Lifetime warranty. 4 infra-red cooking zones. 740 sq. in. Primary cooking area. 344 sq. in. Warming rack. Includes rotisserie with 120-volt, 60-pound capacity motor. Includes rotisserie with 120-volt, 60-pound capacity motor.


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